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Mon, Apr 19, 2010

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Well, I suppose it was inevitable before we came to a twitter app. Seesmic just so happens to be one of the best available for Android and most likely the best free one.

Seesmic quite simply just needs to know your login information and then shows your timeline just as you’d expect. From within the app, you can reply, post new tweets, DM, view lists and manage multiple accounts. Seesmic is known for their excellent apps on desktops and other platforms and this one is no different in terms of quality.

A nice bullet point is also just how nice it looks and easy-to-use it is. You are never more than a menu button push or hold-click away from performing any task whether it’s composing, replying or viewing a profile.

One unique feature of Seesmic that I have yet to experience in even some paid apps is the support for video uploading. Many twitter apps offer image uploading but Seesmic is the only one I have seen do video uploading which is nice to see but was a bit flaky in my testing.

Looking for a good cheap  free Twitter app? Look no further than Seesmic which rivals paid apps in features and usability and also has a very nice interface to boot.

Seesmic is currently available on the Android Market.

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