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Tue, Apr 27, 2010

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Admittedly, I am pretty bad at Wac-A-Mole in real life. I think I’m doing well and then I lose out to anyone else playing by a wide margin. Poke A Mole looks to recreate the fun of the carnival Wac-A-Mole but manages to make it a bit more manageable in the process.

On paper, it’s about as simple as it gets. However, the developers have come up with a neat story surrounding the game which reads: “Your finger is an iron hammer to destroy evil. So you must poke evil moles to save the world.” Yes, not only are you punching the little critters back into the ground but you are saving the world. Look at you and your abilities that you didn’t know you had.

There are three difficulty modes within which are Easy, Medium and Hard. The differences between the difficulty appears to be more moles that spawn more frequently. The scoring system is based on when you hit the mole. If you hit the mole when you first see the top of his head, you score a lesser number than if his whole body is visible.

Poke A Mole isn’t a game with a whole lot of depth (obviously) but for a free app, it’s hard to discount the easy and pickup-and-play style it has.

Poke A Mole is currently available on the Android Market. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook to ensure you don’t miss a single AppADay!

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