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Wed, May 12, 2010

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According to the creators of Memory Trainer: “It has been recently scientifically proven that regular mental exercise can greatly improve your memory.” Well, it’s a good thing that this app does just that exact exercise with frequent trials and puzzles that will put your memory and brain to the test at every turn.

The app is quite simple, in that you just begin with exercises immediately. From the start, there are 3 different exercises to go with each session and they all have the same basic task: To test and challenge your memory. The first exercise challenges you to find specific tiles on a board. The tiles are not shown by default and are flipped over for only a few seconds before you are tasked to find them.

The next exercise is about number memorization. You are shown a piece of paper with names and numbers on it for a few seconds, and then tasked with remembering certain people’s phone numbers. The last exercise is all about picture memorization. Several pictures are shown on tiles, and you must memorize as much as possible about the pictures, as they are then flipped over and one of the pictures should be different and you must pick that one.

After the session is complete, the app will display your progress on a meter that ranges from “Needs Work” to “Memory Master”. I’m not sure if it will help memory over time, but I imagine it certainly couldn’t hurt and it’s actually a decently fun game as well.

Memory Trainer is currently available on the Android Market.

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