And… Action! Create Your Own Culinary Show in Cafe World

Thu, May 13, 2010

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Lights, camera, action! Get ready to star in your very own cooking show in Cafe World! This week, Zynga has released all of the essential items you need to create the look and feel of a virtual cooking show, right within your cafe.

This item theme is one of the largest we’ve seen in weeks, with an especially large assortment of wall mounted items, including (but not limited to) lighting rigs, kitchen cabinets, wall shelves, “On Air” and “Applause” signs, a pot rack and stove hoods.

As usual, another large portion of the theme comes from decorative items, with items here allowing you to create the look of a real kitchen in your cafe, with sinks, stoves, kitchen counters and more being accompanied by more television set pieces like stands filled with audience members, and even virtual people that play tribute to the Iron Chef television series on the Food Network (here, they’re called “Battle Chefs”).

Of course, there are also the expected items from any theme, with new tables, chairs, wallpapers and flooring options to choose from, with the entire series of television show items being split more towards the side of those items available for Cafe Cash rather than coins. Still, the items that are available for coins are much cheaper than those found in other themes, with the most expensive item costing 45,000 coins.

As usual, if any of these prices are too high for your virtual wallet, you can take a chance on the new, themed Mystery Crate, which is available for 10 Cafe Cash, and rewards you with random items from the theme.

Finally, remember to head over to the game’s free gift page if you’d like to save your money entirely, or perhaps just show your generosity for friends in the game by sending some new items, in the form of a Clubhouse Sandwich (which serves 35), some Espresso or Peanuts.

To become the star of your own virtual television show, head over to the game’s page on Facebook.

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