Analyst: Twilight Video Game Could Be a Seven-Figure Opportunity

Mon, Mar 22, 2010


As reported by Industry Gamers, Games Investor Consulting analyst Nick Gibson has come out as saying that the lack of a Twilight video game on the market (apparently Scene It? Twilight on the Wii doesn’t count) is a lost opportunity for massive profits.

Twilight, which has seen an explosion in popularity due to two blockbuster films and the subsequent rise in popularity of the series’ novels, may not present itself as a perfect model for the average, action-based video game, but Gibson still sees great potential in the property.

“Given how hot a property it is, [a Twilight video game] could easily present a seven-figure exploitation opportunity, especially if publishers consider taking it beyond retail gaming and considers network gaming,” said Gibson. “It may well be that the rights holders aren’t aware of the potential benefits because they haven’t explored the games market before.”

Would you be interested in playing a video game based on the Twilight franchise? If so, what sort of genre would you like the game to fall in?

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  • Glia Camille Caparas

    As much as I can't stand Twilight, I'd really like to see how they pull this off. If the games are anything at all like the books, 80% of the game will be cutscenes of Edward Cullen's face and hair.

  • Brian Rojas

    Action/adventure. Sort of with the same game play as Bully/GTA? That's what I would like it to become.

  • Glia Camille Caparas

    I've only read the first book and, from what I can gather so far, most of the story is in social interaction and relationships. I don't see how it can be a very good action/adventure game if all you pretty much do is talk about how plain you are and sulk about which boyfriend to choose. Just because this game has a 7-figure potential doesn't mean it will be good. I'm pretty sure the only reason it will sell is because of the Twilight fans that will buy ANYTHING Twilight-related. I'd be very surprised if a decent video game were to come out of the Twilight franchise.

  • Brian Rojas


  • sgtpeppers

    Actually, while the series may be centered on romance, there's a great amount of action prevelant throughout the books/movies also. For example, the game wouldn't have to be one of those dorky DS games where you pick a dress for Bella and buy a gift for Jacob. The game developers could explore a different side of the series, the most exciting and suspenseful. What does Edward do when he gets hungry? He hunts. What are the wolf-pack doing through the New Moon-Eclipse area? Chasing Victoria. There's definately potential there.