An Interesting Mix of New Decorations Are Available in Happy Island

Thu, Apr 22, 2010

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A mash-up of new decorations have been added to Happy Island this week, with three Tiki Posts, a Shoji Screen and two Solar Panels now being available under the decorations tab of the marketplace.

The Tiki Posts come in three varieties: Green, Red, and Yellow, and you’ll spend a different amount of coins depending on the color you choose (460, 575, and 740, respectively). Meanwhile, the Shoji Screen is 16 Facebook Credits.

Two final items (inspired by Earth Day perhaps?) come in the form of Solar Panels and a Solar Array, that both come with fairly high prices. For the Solar Panels, you’ll have to be level 14 or above to be able to purchase them for 16,400 coins, while the Solar Array is unlocked to users level 16 and above for 21,150 coins.

Head over to the game’s page to purchase these items for use on your own island.

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