Allow Your Children the Freedom to Game with Moshi Monsters

Wed, Feb 10, 2010


Inside Social Games recently took a look at Moshi Monsters, a virtual world aimed at children that isn’t totally unlike various Facebook pet simulators like Pet Society or Rock You Pets.

Moshi Monsters has been around since 2008, and in that time has seen thousands of users create and interact with their customized monsters. Where the comparisons to Facebook games are easily found are in the basic mechanics of caring for your monster. You can feed and play with your monster by buying it new items (granting you experience points), but, as these are monsters, bathing isn’t a primary concern.

Gameplay allows you to create and customize a 2D abode for your monsters, and purchase new items to help add your own individual touch to your home. You can also show your interior designs off to friends by inviting them over.

Where the game starts to differ from Pet Society and other similar games is in the addition of mini-games, that are aimed at the title’s younger target audience, and test their brains in math and spelling, among other topics. Completing these games rewards players with a bit of the game’s currency, Rox, which can then be used to buy more furniture or items for monster.

Unfortunately, to get everything possible out of the game, you’ll have to be willing to accept the title’s $6 a month price tag, but if you do decide that it’s worth it, you’ll also have access to printable trading cards that your kids can share with friends, among other additions.

For more information, or to try Moshi Monsters for yourself, head over to the game’s website.

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