All New Lounge Bar Arrives in Restaurant City

Sat, Jun 19, 2010

Restaurant City, Social

This week’s theme in Restaurant City is lounge. Sit back in some simple yet cozy furniture and relax while you sip a cold Tropical Sunrise. Or, perch on a bar stool in the brand new Lounge Bar, listen to some mellow tunes, and be served by a brand new Bartender.

The Lounge Bar works a lot like the Sushi Bar; you’ll have to level a new recipe to level 10 to unlock it. Once unlocked, you’ll be able to drop the bar anywhere in your restaurant much like a piece of furniture. The bar currently has ten spaces on its shelves where it will display your bar drinks, four of which were added as new recipes this week. The rest are presumably “coming soon.”

Currently the bar seats one guest who can be served by an employee designated to the new Bartender role. This doesn’t let you hire a new employee (yet), so may require you to reconfigure your restaurant so no areas are understaffed. The recipe required to unlock the bar is the Coco Colada which requires a new ingredient: cherry. To help you out, Playfish is offering a free cherry to fans today which can be picked up here.

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  • Kingdomoftheorion

    I don't have a Lounge Bar although it says “unlocked” have I done something wrong?