Alien Hive Game Evolves Aliens Out of Smaller Aliens and Games

Mon, Mar 18, 2013

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Trying to explain Alien Hive from TriplePoint client Appxplore is a bit like trying to decipher an alien language — but if you speak the cryptic tongue of ‘mobile game,’ I think I can tell you how it works. Imagine you took the tile-sliding match-3 gameplay of 10000000, but instead of your matches popping off the board, they joined together into better tiles — like in the tile-evolving gameplay of Triple Town. Then imagine you threw in power-ups, collectibles, and the hallmark “mellow” graphics and music of Appxplore’s design, and you’d have something entirely alien, but the sort that comes in peace and improves your life, not the brain-harvesty kind. Alien Hive is coming this week, and I for one welcome our new intergalactic overlords.

From the press release:

Alien Hive offers unique gameplay, a hybrid of match-3 and sliding-tile puzzles that feels both fresh and familiar. Cleverly combine your resources to evolve your Aliens – combine eggs to hatch cute baby aliens, then help them grow big and strong by making matches and combos. Earn gold and energy for upgrades, with the goal of building the greatest Hive ever! It takes strategy to plan out moves and avoid the Naughty Bots – they will freeze your resources and block your movement.

First contact is this Thursday, March 21.

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