AirStrike Defense Lets You Draw Your Way Through Battle

Thu, Feb 11, 2010

iPhone, Mobile

Indeeo Games recently launched AirStrike Defense, a naval and air combat simulator, on the iPhone.

The game is a fairly casual simulation that lets you control both air units (jets, bombers, etc.) and naval units (battleships, and so on) through linear missions with varying objectives depending on the units available in each. For instance, battleship missions may have you navigating a path filled with mines, while air battle scenarios have you dropping bombs on enemy warships.

Either way, gameplay is achieved via a simple drawing mechanic that achieves vehicle movement after you draw a line, originating from the vehicle, in whatever direction you wish it to travel.

According to Touch Arcade, you can boost your vehicle’s speed (each unit type already comes with different speed stats, so this only exacerbates those differences), which allows you to navigate an area faster, but at the temporary loss of some maneuverability.

As you progress, the missions become more complex, until you are eventually controlling both naval and air units in tandem across two screens, which can be switched out for one another at any time in an effort to keep you from becoming overwhelmed with the action.

If you’re interested in trying the game for yourself, take your $2.99 over to the App Store and download it now. AirStrike Defense Or, you can check out the trailer below to learn more information.

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