Adventures in Sex City: Sperminator Flash Game Teaches Teens Safe Sex Habits

Thu, Feb 18, 2010

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Let the giggling begin. I’d like to introduce you all to the Sperminator…  No, it’s not the latest Trojan product, rather an evil villain created by the public health unit in London, Ontario to teach teenagers about safe sex. The Sperminator is a video game character with penises for arms – a supervillain, if you will, who’s been twisted by sexually transmitted infections.

Cleverly disguising sex ed as a video game, the London health unit has launched a comic-book inspired flash game called “Adventures in Sex City,” where teens can test their knowledge of sexual health. Players can choose one of four superhero characters to battle the evil Sperminator, and then must correctly answer 25 questions about safe sex habits to snuff out the Sperminator.

As artfully described by WhatTheyPlay, hero choices in the game include Wonder Vag, who practices abstinence before marriage, Willy the Kid, who’s out to prove that “size doesn’t matter,” Power Pap, a sexually active girl who makes sure to get tested for sexually transmitted infections regularly, and Captain Condom, who wants to teach the world about how his attire of choice can help guard against infections and pregnancy.

If you answer incorrectly, the Sperminator shoots your character with sperm, but correct answers provide your character with a “condom shield” to deflect the sperm back at the Sperminator. A “Myths Maniac” is also at play, to dispel faulty sexual information teens might hear from friends.

The manager of sexual health at the Middlesex-London Health Unit, Shaya Dhinsa, says her staff worked with teenagers aged 16 to 20 to develop a game that’d be a fun attention-getter. “[Teens are] a challenging group to reach in the fact that they’re being told what to do – where to go, how to do it, do it, don’t do it,” she says.

Dhinsa also says “Adventures in Sex City” is supposed to serve as “a launching pad for discussion” between teens and shy parents, which is why the game includes a two-player option. Dhinsa says that simply directing teens to the game is a perfect way for squeamish parents to broach the subject.

You can play the game on the health unit’s website. Warning, educational or not, this game is probably NSFW!

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