Adopt a Dog in Country Story

Sat, Jun 19, 2010

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Late in May, Country Story developer Playfish ran a survey asking for player opinions on different breeds of dogs. Now you can adopt dogs in the game through the shop, with available breeds including bulldogs, golden retrievers, and Yorkshire terriers.

Dogs are classified as Mystery Items and are purchasable by Playfish cash only. You can get one dog for 30 Playfish cash, four for 90, and seven for 150. A dog will run around your farm, fetching items for you for free every day. Terriers will collect sticks for you, bulldogs collect stones, and golden retrievers will fetch bananas, particularly helpful if you’ve got an elephant. Stones and wood can be sold for coins. The new dog aren’t just helpful, they’re seriously cute too! You can adopt and give some dogs a loving home in Country Story today.

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