Add Three New Whimsical Collectibles to Your Collection in YoVille

Thu, Mar 25, 2010

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Three new collectible items have been added to the YoVille Furniture Store that help carry on in the seemingly never-ending Whimsical / Alice in Wonderland item theme.

The Whimsical Bubble Hookah is a colorful new item that costs 24 YoCash. When you click on it, it “creates an animated bubble that floats into your room.”

The Crazy Hatter Tea Party item is another YoCash only item, costing 21 YoCash, that is also animated. When you click on the table, it shakes and rattles.

Lastly, the XL Sittable Mushroom functions as an oversized chair that multiple people can sit on. However, as the item is not animated, it lacks the YoCash only exclusivity, making it available to those who would rather spend coins than YoCash, and is available for 16,500 coins.

These three collectibles will be available in the game for around two weeks, giving you plenty of time yet to decide on whether or not you’d like to make a purchase.

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