Add Spice to Your Cafe World With New Decorations / Anniversary Party Coming Soon

Fri, Sep 17, 2010

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This week has seen not one, but two new item themes hitting Cafe World, and one could assume that they are trying to clear our their to-do list of items before next week’s grand celebration begins. Why are we partying? Read on to find out, but first, let’s take a look at the new Mexican theme of items.

Mexican Decorations Are Hot, Hot, Hot!

Zynga seems to be back in the swing of things, in terms of regular updates that add new decorative and functional items to the game, as they have released a new set of Mexican themed decorations into the stores of Cafe World.

For starters, you can pick up a Mexican tiled Table for 2 Cafe Cash, and an Equipale Chair, also for 2 Cafe Cash each. You can replace your traditional doors with open archways, and replace your windows with those containing outdoor scenes, both at night and during the day. Other wall-hung items include paintings, shutters, and a trio of skull masks. There is a single kind of tiled flooring available to purchase, along with a brown adobe wallpaper to match. Finally, there are just a few decorative items that go along with this theme. A Hot Pepper costs 15 Cafe Cash, a wall fountain costs 16 Cafe Cash, and two figures, one of a Mariachi Guitar player, and the other a Luchador, go for 16 and 17 Cafe Cash, respectively.

As usual, if you aren’t picky as to which item you’ll receive, but still want to add some Mexican flair to your cafe, your best bet might be to purchase a Mystery Crate, available for 10 Cafe Cash, that contains lots of these spicy new items at a discount over purchasing them separately in the game’s store.

Make sure to pick up these items now, as next week you’ll likely be too busy too. Why? Why, it’s the game’s 1 year anniversary, of course!

Celebrate Cafe World’s 1st Birthday in Style Next Week!

Zynga has offered fans of the game a sneak peek at some of the events that will be taking place during Cafe World’s 1 year anniversary (birthday) extravaganza that will start next week.

The finite details concerning these events are still scarce, but we know there will be new dishes released, various prize ready to be won, huge shopping deals, contests, and “new adventures.” Something new will be happening everyday next week, so make sure to add a Bookmark to Cafe World on Facebook so you don’t miss out!

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