Add Some Kick to Your Cafe World Dishes With the Spice Rack

Mon, Feb 22, 2010

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Zynga is definitely a fan of creating in-game items that require the help of friends to complete or activate. FarmVille has the Horse Stable and building expansions, Mafia Wars has the Chop Shop, and now Café World has the Spice Rack.

We brought you news of the then-unreleased spice rack feature some time ago, but last week, the feature was released to the masses, and is fortunately far easier to complete than any other similar item Zynga has created so far.

The Spice Rack requires a certain number of five different items to complete: 5 shelves, 5 small jars, 5 medium jars, 5 large jars, and 15 lids.

The only way you’ll receive these items is with a little (ok, a lot of) help from friends. By posting a call for help on your news feed, helpful neighbors can give you the missing ingredients (they can also initiate the gift giving by sending an item from the Free Gifts page). Just like FarmVille’s horse stable feature, each person only has the ability to send two of the five items, meaning that you’ll need the help from multiple friends to complete the rack.

Fortunately, you aren’t limited to sending a friend only one ingredient a day, as you can send them as many as your heart desires, up to your 30 requests limit per day. It makes the entire process of completing the spice rack that much faster, as you can call on a few close friends to help you with each individual ingredient, without having to rely on the help of a much larger amount of people, or simply waiting a longer amount of time to complete the feature.

For each ingredient total that you reach, you’ll receive an in-game reward, mostly in the form of coins (you can see four of the five rewards in my screenshot above), or, in the case of the 15 lids, a very surprising (and appreciated) 5 Café Cash.

Once you’ve received the five pieces of wood (and any time thereafter), you can find your decorative spice rack under the Windows tab of the store. It’s a free item that unfortunately serves no real purpose as of yet, but will be updated to house “exotic spices” in the near future that will serve to alter and update your dishes as they cook to take on a variety of effects.

If you’ve yet to start building your Café World spice rack, head over to the game’s Facebook page and get started.

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