Add Some Big City Style to Your Restaurant in Restaurant City

Thu, Mar 18, 2010

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As we reported earlier this week, this week’s item theme in Restaurant City is “Big City Dining.” The nod to New York City has now launched in full, with a slew of items being available to outfit your restaurant with all of the style and class associated with fine dining establishments in the Big Apple.

There are items in most of the store’s tabs, including two types of tables and chairs (one for indoor and one for outdoor seating), multiple pieces of wall art (both graffiti and photographic), outdoor items like a fire hydrant, traffic cone and street sign, three different types of flooring, a trio of wallpaper designs, and even table lamps and vases to complete the look.

All of the above are available for coins, ranging from 13 coins for a single square of flooring all the way up to 8,000 coins for a pretty cityscape painting.

As you might have expected, the set also has a few Playfish Cash-only, or otherwise unique items that make them stand out from the coin-only crowd. In this case, there’s a stove in the shape of a hot dog stand that cooks food 20% faster and is available for 25 Playfish Cash, while items like a set of Broadway posters and a magical set of rain clouds (which make it rain indoors) will set you back 4 and 3 Playfish Cash, respectively.

For 150,000 coins, you can buy another functional item in the form of a Statue of Cookery, which makes your customers more patient. For email subscribers, you’ll also have access to a manhole cover (complete with rising steam clouds) that can be purchased for 2000 coins.

Additionally, items like the Classy Black Chair and Classy Black Table are now on sale (for 500 and 400 coins each, down from 1,400 and 1,100), presumably due to the fact that they’d fit in with this new set quite nicely.

If you’d like to add a touch of New York City to your restaurant, head over to the game’s page and start shopping.

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