Add Six New Attractions for Your Tourists’ Enjoyment in Happy Island

Mon, May 31, 2010

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On this Memorial Day, if you want to do some major shopping both in the retail stores of the real world, and in the virtual world of Happy Island, CrowdStar has a slew of new items for you to purchase – namely six new attractions.

The attractions are:

  • Gyro Stand: Unlocks at level 36, and is available to purchase for 241,000 coins. It collects 2,800 coins before it can be cashed out.
  • Persian Market: Unlocks at level 36 and is available for 284,000 coins. Collects 2,900 coins before cash out.
  • Campfire: Available for 6,400 coins. Collects 650 coins before cash out. Is upgraded to a “Fire Pit” for 9,840 coins or 14 Facebook Credits ($1.40).
  • Persian Fort: Available for 79 Facebook Credits. Collects 2,200 coins before cash out.
  • Yard Sale: Unlocks at level 34, and is available for 252,000 coins. Collects 2,850 coins before being cashed out.
  • Palm Tree Nights: Unlocked at level 33 and can be purchased for 220,000 coins. Collects 2,750 coins before cash out.

There you have it – six new attractions, many with a foreign twist. For lower level players, the Campfire is a great way to add a cheap attraction that can be easily upgraded, while items like the Gyro Stand will prove to be great money-making investments over the long-haul.

Want to add any to your island? Head over to the game’s page to do so!

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