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Thu, Apr 22, 2010

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Playdom has released three new items to Social City, one of which we’ve known was coming for some time. Depending on how closely you pay attention to the game’s loading screen, you should have noticed that the roads looked a bit different in part of the pictured town – different in that they appeared to be brick or stone. Now, we’ve had confirmation that they were indeed brick streets, as we can add the same to our towns.

There’s a catch however. Unlike the regular roads, each square of Brick Street actually costs 1 City Buck, rather than being free. Luckily, if you refuse to spend any of your City Bucks, but still wish to add the bricks to your town, you can make use of the inclusion of a single square of Brick Street on the game’s free gifts page. Sure, this means you’ll have to beg and plead to your friends to send you multiple units, but it’s better than paying for them, right?

Finally, the aforementioned two new items are actually Limited Edition offerings. The first is a Leaning Tower, which is available for 48 City Bucks, and the second is a fun little Donut Shop, available for 24 City Bucks. Remember, the “Limited Edition” marking here means that they come in a limited quantity, so make sure you head over to the game’s page to pick either or both of them up if you are interested.

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