Add a Touch of Modern Style to Your Farm in FarmVille

Fri, Apr 23, 2010

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Not one to leave us without a large supply of limited edition items to spend our hard earned coins and Farm Cash on, Zynga has released two new item themes to the game’s store, in addition to the recently expanded Earth Day theme. Here we see the release of a slew of items, in the form of both buildings and decorations, that fit the somewhat vague title of “Modern.”

First, there are four new buildings available to purchase, appropriately enough, from the Buildings tab in the marketplace. Two of them, the Modern Cottage and Modern Home, are decorative buildings, meaning that they serve no purpose other than simply making your farm look nice. They can be purchased for 27 and 36 Farm Cash, respectively.

The other two buildings are functional, and come in the form of a Modern Barn and a Modern Shed. The Modern Barn is available for 30 Farm Cash, and it has a starting capacity of 22 items, while the Modern Shed costs less, at 24 Farm Cash, and also holds less items, at 15.

Additionally, on the Decorations tab of the marketplace, you can browse through eight new items, with all but one being available for regular coins, rather than Farm Cash. The single Farm Cash item is a Modern Cabana, which costs 18 Farm Cash, while the other items come in the form of modern furniture pieces, flower planters, and a modern fence. The items range in price from 950 to 5,000 coins each, with the low prices meaning that everyone, regardless of level, should be able to get in on the decorating fun.

The Modern theme of items is set to expire from the store in two weeks. Make sure you head over to the game’s page and pick up any items that interest you before that happens.

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