Add A Touch of Baroque Opulence to Your Restaurant City With New Decorations, Free Gifts and Food

Thu, Jul 22, 2010

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This week’s newest item theme in Restaurant City is Baroque Opulence, and while not as large as some past themes we’ve seen released in the game, there are still enough items here to give your restaurant a makeover.

The theme starts with a set of Ebony and Ivory Palatial Chairs, which can be placed under matching Black and White Palatial tables. You can add Ornate Doors and Windows to the structure of your restaurant, along with adding a painting or two to your walls. Two different kinds of Candelabras can be placed about your restaurant, along with a Cherub statue and figures of a Fair Haired Courtier and a Courtesan. Finally, to finish off the basic, or coin, items, you can choose from four different color patterns of marble tile flooring, or five different colors of Baroque Wallpaper: plum, pink, cream, green and blue.

As for the Playfish Cash items, there are only four in this particular theme. The first is a painting of the Girl with the Pearl Earring, available for 8 Playfish Cash. Next are two more statues, or figures, representing Louis XIV and a Feather in Hat Courtier. Finally, a large “King’s Pardon Booth” is available for 12 Playfish Cash, which allows your customers to come in and confess to the king. It functions as a profit-making item, as you’ll earn 850 coins from the device every 8 hours.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to save your funds but still participate in the theme, you can send one of three new items to your friends via the game’s free gifts menu. The items are a Black Candelabra, a Walnut Palatial Table, and a Red Palatial Chair. With two items being absolutely necessary to run a restaurant (that being the table and chair), you could make a serious visual impact on your restaurant if all you did was collect these three items and swamped them out for your current setup.

Finally, once you have your restaurant redecorated to your liking, you might wish to cook some new food to match the theme. That’s where the game’s newest Dessert recipe, the French Macaroons, comes in. The French Macaroons are limited, meaning that if you can’t learn the recipe in the next 17 days, it will be removed from your menu, most likely for good. It requires just three ingredients to learn – Cream, Flour and Sugar, so I hope you’ve been saving some of those ingredients for such an occasion.

Make sure to head over to the game’s page on Facebook if you’d like to purchase any of the above items, or to see how close you are to learning this new recipe.

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    The first is a painting of the Girl with the Pearl Earring, available for 8 Playfish Cash.