Add a Laundromat in Hotel City

Sun, Jul 4, 2010

Hotel City, Social

Guests can be really picky, especially the ones who demand that you do their laundry for them. Luckily that annoyance is a thing of the past, as Playfish has added a Laundromat to Hotel City.

The new commercial room can be added anywhere in your hotel, provided you have the open blocks for it. The Laundromat sells for 30,000 coins and comes with three washers for a total capacity of three guests at a time. Each usage will gain you 3 coins and 3 hotel points and it takes a guest five minutes to wash a load of laundry (fastest Laundromat ever). Plus, you’ll get to hire a friend to help run the place. You can find the Laundromat in the Build section in the Commercial Rooms tab. Start playing Hotel City now and build yourself a new laundry room.

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