Add a Kissing Liana to Your Happy Aquarium Tank

Thu, May 13, 2010

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The next time you log into Happy Aquarium, you’ll be met with the following pop-up, introducing you to the game’s newest limited edition item, a Kissing Liana. From looking at the item (see a picture of it at left), we can see that this is instantly a nod to the film the Princess and the Frog, with Liana representing Tiana from the film.

If you purchase this decoration, not only do you receive a swimming Liana, but you also receive the Frog Charming, who, along with Liana, swims around your tank “spreading love.”

To purchase Liana, you’ll need to be willing to spend either 66 Facebook Credits ($6.60) or 79 Pearls, depending on which premium currency you choose to keep on hand. As a limited edition item, you only have until May 15 to purchase her, should you choose to, before time runs out.

Head over to the game’s page to add Liana to your tank while you still can.

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