Add A Cotton Candy Stand or Wild Pony Ride to Your Tiki Resort

Fri, May 21, 2010

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Looking to add some more variety and whimsy to your island in Tiki Resort? Look no further than the two newest limited edition attractions that Playdom has added to the game. In keeping with the fun and lighthearted theme put in place by the (now sold out) Fortune Teller attraction, these two items are sure to have your tourists spending coins like mad, which is great for your virtual wallet.

The first attraction is the Cotton Candy Stand, which goes for 98 Facebook Credits, or around $10. As you’d expect, the attraction sells “soft and fluffy” cotton candy to your tourists, and looks pretty cool while doing it. The second attraction is the Wild Pony Ride, which, while still a limited edition item costs far less than the Cotton Candy Stand. In fact, it costs half as much, at a price of 49 Facebook Credits, or around $5.

As you might expect from their prices alone, the Wild Pony Ride is more limited at this point, with there being around 23,000 to go around, while the Cotton Candy Stand is still available to the next 32,000 users who attempt to purchase one. Want to be one of those lucky gamers that gets their hands on either of these new attractions? Head over to the game’s page to purchase them before they sell out.

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