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Tue, Feb 2, 2010

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The all-encompassing Facebook card-collection game from Three Rings has added some new things to collect through collecting! Players of Everything will discover today that achievement-style trophies have been added to the game, adding a new set of items to collect — some of which will be awarded for prior collecting efforts.

Everything’s trophies are awarded retroactively, so if you already qualify for the achievements, you’ll have the shiny new badges upon logging in. Thus far, we have spotted trophies for having completed several sub-series (e.g. “Completed 1,” “Completed 5,” “Completed 30″), as well as trophies for completing several collections within a category (e.g. “Chemistry I,” “Mammals II”). These achievements can also be posted on your Facebook wall. Witness my shiny triumph!

If you’re not playing Everything, you’re missing out on… well, a lot of things, clearly.

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