A Trickle of News About Sprinkle Islands

The last time we checked in with our exceptional friends at Mediocre (a TriplePoint client), they were busy teaching us about the persistence of the elderly by showing us an old lady who plows through walls on roller skates. This time, they’ve got a few tips on fire safety from their upcoming game Sprinkle Islands:

So, as you can see, the lesson here is that nothing is impossible to deal with using a bit of water and physics — not even meteors and fiery death worms. From the press release:

In the sequel to 2011’s hit water physics-based puzzler, Sprinkle, Titan is burning again and it’s up to Ouie and his little fire truck to once more save the innocent villagers! Sprinkle Islands will be available on iOS and Android for $1.99 on July 11th.

This time around Ouie’s iconic fire truck is on the move, driving across the beautifully rendered islands of Titan to save the day. Regulate the flow of water with refined controls to navigate obstacles, buttons, elevators and more to keep the truck moving towards the next fire. Just like in the original, water supply is limited and the less used to finish a level, the higher the final score.

Stay hydrated, and we’ll check back in July!

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