A Second Wave of Tiki Items Is Now Available in FarmVille

Fri, Jun 11, 2010

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I hope you have saved some coins and Farm Cash from your first shopping excursion for Tiki-themed items in FarmVille, as Zynga has released even more tropical items to the game’s Seeds, Animals, Buildings and Decorations marketplace tabs.

The new seed is the Pink Hibiscus. The flower can be planted for 140 coins per square, and harvested for 310 coins after the flowers grow for 22 hours. You’ll gain 2 experience points for every square of the Hibiscus that you plant, but keep in mind, however, that as a limited edition crop, the Pink Hibiscus can’t be mastered. That being the case, you’re mainly growing it for its beauty and potential to release “Perfect Bunches” when harvested that can be used as decoration around your farm.

Moving onto the Animals section of the store, we see a single new item, the Spider Monkey. It costs 18 Farm Cash to purchase, and can either be kept for use on your own farm, or sent to a friend as a gift. Should you choose to keep it for yourself, the Spider Monkey can be harvested from every two days.

Next, on the Buildings tab, you’ll find three new structures. The first, and most expensive item, is the Tree Village, which costs 42 Farm Cash to build, but rewards you with 1,050 experience points for purchasing it. The other Farm Cash building is the Island Resort which is priced at 36 Farm Cash, and also rewards a hefty experience point boost, at 800 points. Finally, the Island Shanty is a coin-only item, costing 55,000 coins.

Lastly, the game’s Decorations tab has seen quite the expansion, with seven new items being added to the page. Only two of these are Farm Cash items – Hot Pink Flamingo and the Island Stage, which sell for 12 and 14 Farm Cash, respectively – while the rest can be purchased for coins. An Island Grill costs 30,000 coins, an Island Totem costs 25,000, two types of Hammock – the Sky Hammock and the Sand Hammock – each cost 20,000 coins, and finally, a single piece of the new Bamboo Fence will cost you 5,500 coins.

These new items have a longer time limit than their tropical predecessors, which sees them remaining available in the game’s store for the next 12 days. If you want to be the first to know when (or if) new items are released in this theme, make sure to follow the official Frisky Mongoose Twitter account, or Like our page on Facebook using the links in the ‘Goose bar below.

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