A Look at FarmVille’s New Crafting Buildings

Tue, Jul 27, 2010

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As we told you last week, Zynga has been in the process of releasing Crafting Buildings to all users in FarmVille (that is, all users above level 25). Now it seems as though the feature has been rolled out in full, allowing us to give you an introduction to this new feature so that you can immediately start to make use of these buildings for extra fuel.

You’ll know you have access to the Crafting Buildings if a pop-up like the one below greets you as you enter the game. Through this, you’ll learn that your bushels (which were first activated back in May, allowing users to earn double the amount of mastery points when they harvest matching crops) now have an additional purpose – that being to help you create goods that can be traded in for special items (currently, the main reward in question is free fuel, but Zynga assures us that more items will be available in the future).

Clicking “okay” on this window will lead to one of two eventualities, one that simply contains an extra step. If you remember the Crafting Buildings preview that took place in the game a few weeks ago, and you were one who chose your preferred profession from the three available options, you’ll be reminded of your choice, or will be allowed to pick a new one. If you didn’t take part in the preview, you’ll jump straight to the following pop-up, allowing you to choose to work at either a Bakery, Spa, or Winery.

You can click on the “Learn More” button associated with any of the three to learn more about the products you’ll be producing, including what crops are associated with these products, and you’ll be able to receive your free building by confirming your choice from the three.

Place the free building, and you’ll be able to share a themed item with your friends on your wall. In the case of the Spa, for example, you can share a Fresh Sachet.

Once the introduction is out of the way, you’ll be able to jump straight into making goods, via the free example you’ve been given by Zynga (as a way to help you learn what to do). Click on Make a Good in the following pop-up, and you can get to work.

Making goods require you to fulfill recipes with the bushels that you’ve collected previously. In my case, I can make a Fresh Sachet in my Spa using 3 pumpkin bushels, 3 cranberry bushels and 1 sunflower bushel (as seen below). Regardless of the Crafting Building you choose, you’ll have multiple recipes to choose from, with more recipes being unlocked as your skill with Crafting increases. These recipes take time to complete, just like crops take time to grow. Again, using the Fresh Sachet as an example, it is ready to sell in six hours.

Back on the Building’s home menu, you’ll see that your starter item has finished production, and you can click on “Finish It” to add it to your inventory. You’ll then be given another opportunity to share the news with your friends, only this time, they’ll receive a free sample of this particular item. The goods that you’ve created will automatically go on sale in the “Goods I’m Selling” page of your Crafting Building.

Selling your goods to your neighbors (you earn 90% of the sale price of items sold) will net you recipe experience points, improving the quality of your recipes (simply making the recipe counts towards your level progress).

The level of your Building itself can also be upgraded, by either purchasing the upgrades with Farm Cash (the Spa upgrades to level 2 for 15 Farm Cash, as an example), or you can wait until you level up six more recipes in order to unlock the “Coin Upgrade” option, which will allow you to upgrade your Building for coins, rather than Farm Cash. Currently, the limit on leveling up Buildings is level 5 (or 5 stars). It should be noted that leveling up your Building allows you to create more goods at the same time, that is, if you have enough bushels to support multiple recipes at once.

Once you’re done crafting goods, you can trade in the Goods in your possession for fuel. You can have 200 crafted goods in your inventory at one time, and clicking on the “Use” button underneath any of them will trade them for fuel – the higher the level of the good, the more fuel you will get. A conveniently placed fuel gauge in the bottom left corner of this are will show you how much fuel you’ve received.

To purchase more goods, you can click on the “Buy” tab of the Farmer’s Market and select the “Goods” option. There, you’ll see which items your friends are currently selling, and you can click on “Select” to purchase any item that you want – different items have different prices, but you’ll find that most of these starter items cost around 1,000 coins each. Note that you can only purchase Goods from each friend every few hours, so as to give other FarmVille players a chance at these items as well.

After you’ve purchased a Good, you can immediately trade it in for even more fuel. In this way, it does equate to a situation where you’re simply paying coins for fuel, with an additional secondary step, but when fuel has otherwise only been available to purchase with Farm Cash, it seems like a step worth taking.

One final item of note – each user can only own one of their particular building; that is, one Spa, one Winery, or one Bakery at a time. However, if you want to own one of all three buildings, you can purchase the other two for 80 Farm Cash each.

This is one of the most in-depth features to come to FarmVille in some time, but we hope that this guide has made things a bit easier to understand for when your time comes to start your own Crafting empire. Head over to the game’s page to start your way to Crafting success.

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  • AF1982

    That are really good news, I love playing with Farmville and I really didn't know how to use my bushels. That's a very good solution, even if I still have to understand how that functions!
    I'm also searching for a safe solution for buying my farmcash.
    There a lot of items that I'd like to buy, and I also need some more fuel because I've got a lot of plots and anything of fuel.
    I use the Paysafecard for Skype, could you tell me if I can use it for Farmcash, too?
    How much credit do I need for about 50 FV?
    Thanks in advance for your answer!

  • Lancria

    Yeah, you can use psc for buying Farmcash, I do that all the time ;)
    Just click the Buy FV tab in the game and then choose psc as your payment option.

    55 FV cost 10$

  • SleeplesS

    Hey there, do you buy that card online or in shops around the city? I heard about it, but I never tried it before. Beside the fact that I desperately need more FarmCash (don't we all?), I'm thinking about loading my Skype account for one month and see how it goes…

  • AF1982

    You can also buy it at the gas station shops, a great thing I think!
    Tomorrow or Friday I'll go and buy it and I'll use the credit for buying Farmcash. I need to buy some fuel and I also want to purchase some new items!
    Thank you for your answer, Lancria, you're an angel!!!

  • SleeplesS

    Thanks for your reply AF1982. I heard you can buy them in the amount of 10 Euros, but are there other values? I mean, If I wanna pay for something costing more than 200 Euros, do I have to buy like 20 cards, or I chose how much I want? I'm planning on using it on more than just Farmville and other Facebook games……..

  • Lancria

    np ;P

    And yes, there's diffrent values … I think it was 10, 25, 50 and 100, but I prefer buying the small ones since you can combine up to ten of them per purchase anyway and that way it's safer …

    Oh and I usually buy them at shops, though you can also buy them online, but I've only done that once since there's a sales point right across the street, anyway :)

  • SleeplesS

    That's great! It means I can buy stuff up to 1,000 with 10 combinations… What else could I want? And online purchase as well… that's a good thing for some lazy bugs I know ^.^
    I just deposited some cash in my bwin account as well. I saw their logo on PSC site and now I'm into some serious soccer betting. Wish me luck cuz the winnings are spent on my fresh crops!

  • AF1982

    Oh that's a great thing, I didn't know that the PSC is also accepted on Bwin. Do you, if bet365 accepts it, too? I love it because I can often watch the Italian league and I really enjoy that.
    And it's great that we can buy stuff up to 1,000 – I really appreciate the fact that everybody can use how much credit he wants and needs from 1 till 1,000. It's flexible and very safe. The best solution for me!

  • SleeplesS

    Yeah, it is :) I believe that PSC is a possible deposit option on Betfair, Bet365, bet-at-home and some others as well, but I'm only using bwin… for now… :) Some say betting is addicting, so who knows ^.^
    This is definitely the best solution for anyone spending money online! Thank you all for telling me about it. I told some of my friends as well, and now they use it too.

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