7-Eleven to Join Used Games Party

Tue, Apr 20, 2010

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Plenty of big retailers have joined the used game party including Best Buy and Walmart but have done so in a limited capacity and only in certain markets. Well, now we can add 7-eleven to the list of places where you can now buy food, gas, a lottery ticket, slurpee and used copy of Madden NFL 04. Yes, that’s right, 7-eleven is now going to be stocking used games.

The promotional material for the new offering is called “Great Games Under $20″ and will have up to 3000 outlets selling these pre-played games to start. According to the CEO of Game Trading Technologies which has partnered with 7-eleven on the project: What this means to consumers is that they will have many convenient locations, most open 24/7, to buy value-priced video games.”

Interesting news, for sure, but who is going to honestly get the vibe to rush down to 7-eleven at 3:00 in the morning because they just couldn’t go without Mario Party for a few hours? I suppose we’ll see soon enough as they expect to roll out the program almost immediately.

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