6 Free Android Apps that Make the Switch from iPhone Sweeter than Ever

Tue, Mar 2, 2010

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Mashable editor Matt Silverman has posted a very neat list that highlights six applications currently available for the Android platform that make the switch from the iPhone worth it. Many have criticized the Android for lacking in the app department and I can safely say that I have found many worthwhile applications for the Android that make me very happy with my choice of mobile phone. I would say that quality matters more than quality anyhow.

The list of applications include OpenHome which is a desktop replacement of sorts that allows you to customize the way your home screen looks to your heart’s content. I am sure there are a lot of tweak freaks out there who enjoy playing with the look of their home screen so this comes as a nice addition.

Next up is the Google Voice app which allows you to check your Google Voice mail, make calls and send texts. The really nice aspects of this application come from the ability to listen to voice mail on demand. With a traditional voice mail setup, you have to call and go through each voice mail one by one but with Google Voice it is all on demand and displayed in an organized manner on the app.

NESoid also made the list and is essentially an emulator of the original Nintendo Entertainment System from the 1980s. The application will run any homebrew or ROM of NES games. If you must have a copy of Super Mario Bros. wherever you go, this app may be for you.

Also on the list is Google Finance which is an application that allows you to track the stocks of any company in the stock market. All of the data is streamed on the fly which means that you will always have the most up to date information directly in front of you.

Number five on the list is Google Listen which is a rather nice podcast aggregator that allows you to listen to any podcast wherever you happen to be. The ‘secret sauce’ of sorts is that the podcasts are streamed and do not have to be downloaded prior to listening.

Lastly, the list mentions Gmail and Google Calendar which both have superb integration on the Android. The Gmail app has all the features of the web application with a fast and elegant mobile interface which is most important when you’re on the go. The same praise applies for Google Calendar which syncs all of your upcoming appointments no matter where you are.

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