50 More Levels Coming to PetVille, Community Competes to Name Them

Sat, Feb 6, 2010

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Voting just wrapped up last night over at the PetVille forums in the Facebook game’s latest community contest. Zynga was polling PetVille players for ideas on what the upcoming 50 new levels should be named. The developer’s favorite 50 entries will be announced on February 12, so it sounds like PetVille players can expect the 50 new levels to open up later this month.

Zynga’s top picks – 50 lucky winners – will receive some free PetVille Cash (the game’s new premium virtual currency, which we’ll break down in a full update soon), and the names submitted by those winners will become the next 50 level names in PetVille.

Here’s the full scoop from Zynga: “More levels are coming to PetVille! In order to have new levels, we need new names for those levels! 50 new levels means that we need 50 new names so get those creative juices flowing and tell us what you think a good name would be! If we select your name to be used in game, you’ll win 2 free PetCash! 50 winning entries will be chosen and may be selected for use in game! You could become a part of PetVille history!”

“The top entries will be selected and voted upon by the PetVille team. Entries will be judged on their creativity and selected based on how well they fit the spirit of the game. Winners will be contacted via private message on or around Friday, February 12th 2010 for prize distribution.”

PetVille has a hefty 50 levels already, so the end-game pursuit will literally double in size with the 50-level addition, bringing the total number to 100 PetVille levels.

Players earn Love Points in PetVille to level up from one level to the next .You earn Love Points when you do almost anything in the game – raise, dress and care for your pet; collect, shop, find and adopt virtual goods to decorate your pet’s house; visit friends’ houses to clean and play with their pets, and more.

All 50 existing level names will remain in the game after the upcoming 50-level addition. Those current cutesy level names include:

  1. New Kid on the Block
  2. Pick of the Litter
  3. Creative Critter
  4. Friendly Furball
  5. Cheeky Monkey
  6. Wild Thing
  7. Social Butterfly
  8. Fancy Pants
  9. Junior Scenester
  10. Mini Masquerader
  11. Room Renovator
  12. Party Animal
  13. Design Diva
  14. Talk of the Town
  15. Treat Maven
  16. Purr-fect Pet
  17. Do-It-Yourself Dawg
  18. Homey Homie
  19. Puss ‘n Boots
  20. Fashion Criminal
  21. Suburban Sprawler
  22. Meow Mixer
  23. Ruff Lauren
  24. Calvin Recliner
  25. Urban Architect
  26. Accessory Artist
  27. Party Planner
  28. Pampered Pet
  29. Good Housekeeper
  30. Life of the Party
  31. Laborer of Love
  32. Happy Homemaker
  33. Yuppy Puppy
  34. Fashion Ninja
  35. High-Class Hairball
  36. Pet About Town
  37. Big Pet on Campus
  38. Under-Sized Overachiever
  39. High Priest of Pants
  40. Caesar of Socks
  41. New Clothes Emperor
  42. Chairman Meow
  43. Sultan of Suede
  44. Town Treasure
  45. Leader of the Pack
  46. Pharaoh of Fur
  47. Hair to the Throne
  48. Rags to Rockefeller
  49. City Councilpet
  50. Mayor of PetVille
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