5 Apps to Make You Smile

These are a few of my favorite digital things…

This list is hardly comprehensive, nor is it in any particular order. Enjoy!

1. Timehop - This gets top billing because too few people know about it (and more should – it’s neat). Basically, Timehop answers one question, every day, via email. “What did you do one year ago today?” You can connect (currently): Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare. Timehop’s mascot, Abe delivers a daily email rundown of everything you posted one year ago today (and what time of day you posted it) from each platform you’ve registered.

For someone who had an exceptionally turbulent busy past couple of years, including a cross country move to LA last April, Timehop has quickly proven itself as an amazing “digital thing” for looking back and laughing. That’s what you’re supposed to do when it’s all said and done, right?

If your social media comings and goings are overshared on occasion, or boring to anyone but you, you might even use Timehop as a tool for improving your shared sentiments moving forward. But whether it’s useful or just for fun – Timehop makes social media a little more personal again, and I dig that.


2. Instagram – A photo-sharing app, originally for iOS, then Android, and now even for non-mobile devices (aka: your PC), thanks to SweetLabs (a TriplePoint client) and their nifty Pokki platform. Instagram can be just the creative outlet you need, or a guilty social pleasure if you want. Either way, it makes you say cheese so it deserves a spot on this list.

3. Spotify – Yes, how COULDN’T I include this? It’s everywhere – Windows, Mac, mobile (iOS and Android). It puts all your music in one place and makes it easy to find songs when you want to hear them (not when Pandora decides to play them). Plus, you can share playlists with anyone willing to put up with your taste in music, and send songs to friends (or your special someone, if that’s more your thing). Music is a must in a happy digital life, so Spotify is also, inherently, a must-have app.

4. Pandora – Well if Spotifiy gets a spot, you have to put Pandora in the mix too. Personally, it’s still one of my most reliable go-tos for music discovery, even now that I pay monthly premiums elsewhere.

5. Draw Something – Oh my dear doodle… this game… You draw something. Your friend watches as you draw (well, after you finish) and tries to guess what it is. Think Pictionary, but with an iOS app, 3 “somethings” to choose from each turn, a limited selection of letters to solve the word, and genious microtransactions to buy new paint colors. Whatever you do, I highly recommend using an iPad if you’ve got one – friends think I’m some kind of artist now, but it’s just because I’m not squishing my fingers trying to make a comprehensible image on the iPhone’s smaller screen. An unfair advantage, if you will… I digress.

LOOK the long story short is: this game is addictive and fun (and a good way of keeping in touch with friends far away), which makes it a perfect digital thing to make you smile. Well done, OMGPOP, well done indeed.

A good friend once told me… “I mean, you have to face facts: not everyone in this world can fall for your charms. Especially not a piece of software.” And he’s right. Pieces of software do not, in fact, fall for charms. But they can charm us – the good ones can, anyway.

These 5 digital things make me happy, and that’s downright charming. What are YOUR favorite digital things?

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