3DTVs? 3DS? How about an iPad 3D?

Tue, Jul 13, 2010

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There is so much talk about 3D these days to make your head spin. Whether it’s more 3D support in movies, video games or in television, you can’t open a newspaper or news website without hearing about it, and this article is no exception. We have three stories this week about company support for 3D and about how the upcoming 3DS can effect non-3D games.

Ubisoft Makes Bold Claim About 3DTV Movement

As Sony clearly laid out last month at the E3 Expo, they are hardcore about this whole 3D thing, showcasing several new PS3 titles running in 3D and boldly claiming that “What we (Sony) did for Blu-Ray, we’re going to do for 3D.” Now it appears, they aren’t the only company looking to push 3D wherever they can, as Ubisoft has joined the fold.

“The truth is I think it is a technology that’s coming,” said Murray Pannel, a UK Ubisoft Marketing Executive to Eurogamer. “We can’t ignore it. It’ll start slowly this year. But like HDTV I wouldn’t rule out the fact that this will be installed in everyone’s living room in three year’s time, and for us to be in a position to have content that could really look absolutely amazing in 3D. Just watch this space, because when you have global corporations like Sony pushing 3D as hard as they possibly can, Sky, equally, showcasing 3D content on TV, I believe it will become a much more important part of consumer electronics than a lot of people believe.”

Ubisoft seems to think that half of all games will be playable in 3D by 2012.

iPad Going 3D?

A company called 3D Eye Solutions has announced its support for the Apple iPad. In a statement regarding the announcement, the company stated: “iPad will run almost all of the more than 225,000 apps on the App Store which 3D Eye Solutions can convert from 2D to 3D. iPad users can browse the web, read/send email, enjoy and share photos, watch HD videos, play games, read ebooks and much more in 3D with 3D Eyes content conversions.”

The CEO of 3D Eye Solutions, Michael Gibilisco also said: “Our proprietary 2d to 3D conversion technology gives us and our shareholders tremendous opportunities to generate substantial revenues across various industries and on multiple platforms. With superior and widely compatible techniques, 3D Eye Solutions can turn 2D visual data into 3D images through a wide variety of platforms. The Company is implementing several new strategies in 2010 that will assist us in expanding the 3D Eye Solutions brand nationwide.”

This all sounds very interesting, especially if they can utilize Nintendo’s way of not requiring glasses to experience 3D content.

3DS to Boost Graphical Quality in 2D Games

Yes, the 3DS does have some sort of amazing technology that allows you to view 3D content without the need for glasses but it also has some extra horsepower when compared to the older model DS systems as well. Reports are stating that switching off the 3D effect in 3DS games could allow developers to improve graphics.

IGN first reported on this by saying: “The way the Nintendo 3DS renders a single frame of video is at 800 by 240, splitting that frame down the middle vertically. Two 400 by 240 resolution images are then sent to the two layered LCD screens for the 3D effect. Developers working on the system say that if they were developing a 3DS game that didn’t use 3D, they could theoretically use the extra processing power for additional texture passes and more complex object and environment geometry, or even up a framerate from 30 frames per second to 60.”

Not all improvements would be worthwhile however. For instance, raising the frames per second from 60 to 120 would be negligible difference simply because of the 60Hz screen on the DS.

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