20 Years for Good Behaviour

Wed, Oct 3, 2012

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It isn’t specified whether Behaviour Interactive, a game developer and TriplePoint client, is the sort of company that behaves well or behaves badly. We have to assume, though, that it’s good Behaviour, seeing as they’ve been in business for 20 years now. The company shared the news about their 20th birthday yesterday, citing their success with 140 titles to their name across “all major platforms,” including unannounced games for the Wii U.

From the press release:

Behaviour is a true Montreal-based success story, and one of the pioneers of the city’s vibrant game industry. The company employs nearly 300 talented people in Montreal, Canada and Santiago, Chile and maintains an impressive stable of games that includes Monkey Quest, Halo Waypoint, Club Penguin Puffle Launch, Temple Run Brave, RangoWipeout and Doritos Crash Course, to name a few. Behaviour has also worked on its own IPs: the action-packed top-down shooter game Assault Heroes, the highly-stylized third-person shooter game WET and the comic mischief adventure game, Naughty Bear. What’s more, the studio is notable for creating the first console game made in the province of Quebec: 1998’s Jersey Devil. Behaviour’s best-selling games include High School MusicalMonsters, Inc. and Happy Feet.

Happy 20th birthday, Behaviour. Now, if you can still behave after you’re old enough to drink, that’ll be something even more remarkable.

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