2 Million Folks are Very Digisocial

We’re not surprised that TriplePoint client Digisocial is sharing some news and an update with us; sharing is pretty much their raison d’être. We’re slightly surprised the news didn’t have a voice clip attached, but we can’t have everything, we suppose. The news is that the Digisocial app has now been downloaded over 2 million times — and with that many users out there across the world, Digisocial has added a new location-based search function, allowing folks to look for trends and content from the geographical portion of their choice from those 2 million users.

From the press release:

Version 1.2 introduces the ability for users to not just explore posts but also filter searches by location—city, region, and country—so users may find out what is trending at home and in their area. To improve privacy and allow users tighter control over who views their content, version 1.2 introduces a “Fans Only” option that allows only followers to view a post. Users can also choose to set follower requests to an approve/deny system for even more control.

Built to combine the capabilities of smartphones and content into one app, Digisocial is an always ad-free network that harnesses the best elements of social tools with the power of voice. The app’s audio capabilities allow users to share “VoicePhotos”—photos with voice captions attached—as well as voice comments and chat messages, adding tone to text and an extra layer of expression. Content can be shared publicly on the Digisocial network, Facebook and Twitter, or privately with specific users and custom groups.

If you’d care to join up, go this-a-way.

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