E3 2010: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Hands-On

Tue, Jun 22, 2010

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The popular show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? has always had a nice following with several different games over the years that brought the excitement of the show to many consoles. What many of these adaptations have unfortunately been lacking however are multiplayer modes that can turn almost any game night into a party.

Who Wants To Be A Millionare? for the Wii from Ubisoft was shown at the Triplepoint client’s Target Lounge at E3 and showcased the shining new feature they are touting: Multiplayer. The multiplayer mode in the new game will feature new competitive modes to keep you and your friends on your toes.

The game starts out just like the show, and seems standard up until it’s time to answer a question. Players must choose the right direction using the D-pad on the Wii remote and make their answer selection there. This selection works in a multiplayer environment because otherwise your friend could possibly see your answer if there were a cursor on the screen and possibly ruin your chances at winning.

After the questions are selected, the correct answer is shown. Points are calculated based on how you scored, and vary depending on your position in the game. If for instance, I was in the lead and answered incorrectly, I would lose points. However, if I was tied with everyone else and answered incorrectly, I would not gain or lose points. You will always gain points for answering correctly, however.

Besides that, it is still just a race to the million dollar question and is as exciting as you make it. I could definitely see myself and friends having a rather exciting time figuring out who knows their trivial stuff.

While there was no release date given for the game, I would expect to see it before the end of the year.

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