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Tue, Aug 3, 2010

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If you haven’t played Happy Island in a few days, the next time you do so, you’ll be met with quite a few updates. First, CrowdStar is now offering all users a new opportunity to earn 175 Free Facebook Credits via a cross-promotion with Shoebuy.com, or you can spend some of your hard earned coins on one of the new limited edition attractions that are now available, including a Gingerbread House. Finally, a new locked lantern has been spotted on the beach – what’s inside?

Earn 175 Facebook Credits in Shoebuy.com Promotion

With the school season quickly approaching, you might find yourself in need (or that your children are in need) of some new shoes for school. If that’s the case, you might find CrowdStar’s new promotion with Shoebuy.com to be quite interesting.

If you visit Shoebuy.com using the link provided at the bottom of the Happy Island gameplay area, and spend $40 on shoes once you get there, you’ll receive 175 Facebook Credits for free in return. That’s the equivalent of $17.50 US. Not only that, but your purchase with Shoebuy.com will receive an extra 10% off, and you’ll receive free shipping.

This deal will likely only be available for a limited amount of time – be sure to take advantage of it while it’s still available.

New Limited Edition Attractions – Music Key Hall, Gingerbread House & More

If the idea of buying shoes isn’t on your radar, then perhaps you’ll be more interested in purchasing one of the three new limited edition attractions that are now available in the game’s store.

First, we have the Music Key Hall. It is available to purchase for 40 Facebook Credits, or the equivalent of $4.00 US. It collects 1750 coins before needing to be cashed out.

Next is the Taffy Hill, another premium item that costs more, at 60 Facebook Credits, or $6.00. It is more limited, regardless of its higher price, with only 400 or so left to go around, as of this writing. It collects more coins, at a rate of 2700, before needing to be cashed out.

Finally, the last limited edition attraction is available to all users for coins – 200,000 coins, to be specific. For that price you’ll receive the Gingerbread House, which collects 2700 coins before cashing out. It can be upgraded to a Cookie Cabin for another 215,000 coins (or 20 Facebook Credits). There are still around 6900 of these to go around, so you should have a fairly easy time in acquiring one, should you decide to splurge.

What’s Inside the Game’s New Swinging Lantern?

Remember the locked crate that started floating in the waters off of your island last June? Well, regardless of whether you ever opened that crate, a new locked item has been added to your island in the form of a Swinging Lantern.

This event functions in the same way as the locked crate, only instead of requiring four friends to help you, like with the crate, here you’l need five friends – one friend for each of the Lantern’s five locks. Once you click on the Lantern, you’ll activate the time limit that starts at 168 hours, or 7 days. If you don’t have enough Happy Island neighbors to help you open the crate, or you simply don’t want to wait for them to help you, you can pay a virtual locksmith to open the Lantern instantly for 120 Facebook Credits, or $12 US (this is a much more reasonable figure, when compared to the Crate’s $60 unlocking fee).

Head over to the game’s page on Facebook to see what’s inside the Lantern, or to experience these other in-game updates.

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