10 iPhone Apps to Make Your TV Viewing More Fun

Mon, May 3, 2010

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Over at Mashable, they have a rather neat list of iPhone apps that are all designed around the concept of making all of our lives easier. These apps vary in usefulness and function, so I think it is important to cover the bases of the list and go over them. Not being a huge TV fanatic myself, I would find it important to make it a simple and easy process to find and watch shows when I do want to watch.

1. CW City Wize – An app entered around the shows on the CW network including maps of places seen in some of the shows, and view clips of some of the shows as well.

2. Mythbusters – Communicate with the show through Twitter and Facebook as well as play three unique games that fans of this quirky show are sure to love.

3. Glee – Sing along with the cast of the show and alter your pitch and tone as necessary. Afterwards, you can upload it to the web and let your friends hear your amazing singing voice.

4. Food Network Nighttime – A schedule of shows plus recipes, clips of shows and behind-the-scenes short round out this yummy app.

5. AMC – Read blogs, watch videos about shows such as MadMen, Breaking Bad and more in this great app.

6. MTV’s Jersey Shore City Guide – Follow along with the cast of the MTV show by checking their latest and greatest bars and clubs as well as find out about the characters on the show. Included is some excellent Foursquare to show when you’ve checked in to a nearby club.

7. The Colbert Report’s “The Word” – Watch Colbert’s “The Word” anywhere. This will surely land you the spotlight at any party or outing as you show them how you’ve memorized every single “Word”.

8. InHouse – Dr. House’s favorite app includes behind-the-scenes videos, photos and blogs. Upcoming on the app are apparently “appisodes”.

9. Dexter the Game – Dexter allows you to pick, stalk and kill while still protecting Dexter’s identity. The game features some compelling gameplay and nice graphics for the iPhone which is surprising for a game based on a TV show.

10. The Caprican – A fake newspaper app for the show Caprica. The idea is to suspend your disbelief as you read it to become more immersed in the show’s world.

A very interesting and fun list for all of those looking to expand their iPhone TV arsenal. For more of these lists and iPhone coverage, Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for the latest updates and coverage.

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