10 Classic Movies That Should be Video Games

Sun, Apr 18, 2010

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Since the dawn of the game industry, video game tie ins have been developed for new movie releases. Unfortunately for gamers, the trend has been for these games to be fairly mediocre. GamesRadar thinks that the industry should move in a new direction: explore cinema before the game industry began and turn some classic movies into blockbuster video games.

1. Hitchcock’s avian horror story, The Birds, as an RTS. You command flocks of vicious birds as you bombard human defenses.
2. North by Northwest, another classic Hitchcock, cel shaded and given the game mechanics of Heavy Rain.
3. Barbarella, the cult classic futuristic sexploitation film, developed as a BioWare RPG filled with branching dialog and unlimited romance options.
4. Blaxploitation film Blacula made into a re-skinned 2D Castlevania.
5. European film Last Year at Marienbad developed as a tactical RPG where the player must escape their aristocratic malaise and gain the ultimate prize of passionate emotion.
6. La Dolce Vita, the story of tabloid writers and paparazzi, envisioned as a game where your goal is to catch photos of the depraved celebrities of Rome a la Dead Rising.
7. Bande A Part (Band of Outsiders) transformed into a DDR game where the music is periodicallyy interrupted by existential monologues.
8. Dali and Bunuel’s short film Un Chien Andalou (An Andalusian Dog) turned into a DS title in the micro-game genre, like WarioWare.
9. Wages of Fear as a driving game where the goal is to avoid a fiery explosion for as long as possible.
10. Kurosawa’s epic Seven Samurai as a seven player cooperative action/strategy video game. Work with your friends to defend the village from bandits.

You can see the original pitches along with summaries of the movies and concept art here.

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